Miami Personal Injury Lawyer Sean M. Cleary

Miami Personal Injury Lawyer Sean M. Cleary

Miami Personal Injury Lawyer

Sean M. Cleary

Miami Personal Injury Lawyer Sean M. Cleary says motor vehicle incidents are the most typical type of injury cases in Miami courts. Being a skilled trial lawyer, Sean M. Cleary understands just how common and precisely how destructive these accidents can be. Numerous kinds of automobile accidents can cause debilitating life-time injuries, emotional and physical pain, property harm, income reduction or the loss of someone you care about. A very important thing car crash victims can do to ensure an easy recovery and the financial means essential from it, is to get hold of an experience Miami personal injury lawyer. The Miami Personal Injury Lawyer Sean M. Cleary represented through the years victims of car accidents in numerous personal injury and wrongful death cases through-out Miami. Mr. Cleary negotiates with insurance firms and aggressively advocates for you to put your daily life back on the right track.

Typical types of Auto Accident Cases in Miami:

Drunk driving: are the most typical kind of fatal crashes, involving teenage drivers often
Hit and run: whenever someone who causes a traffic incident does not stop or identifies themselves. Under Florida legislation such an act is considered a felony charge.
Uninsured motorist: Miami has among the largest percentage rate of uninsured motorists in the U.S. According to Insurance Research Council, California Division of Insurance, in 2014 14% of Miami automobile accidents were triggered by uninsured motorists. Victims of such incidents frequently have virtually no means of recovering a settlement.
Pedestrian accidents: every year there are about 499 pedestrians killed in Florida consequently due to automobile accidents.
Head-on collisions: they happen when two cars front sides strike each other. They may be among the most dangerous types of automobile accidents, leading to high fatality rates. Head-on collisions mainly take place when motorists neglect to stay within their driving lane.
Passenger/Driver side collisions: they occur when the front of a car hits the side of another car. Usually both vehicles are switched using their original path of travel. If the impact is severe, the automobile that was side struck will probably rollover, exposing occupants to a lot of injury risks.
Reared-ended: whenever a following vehicle hits the rear-end of the vehicle in front of it. These types of incidents mainly happen because of drivers distraction, following to close, sudden halts or wet slippery street conditions.
Roll-overs: whenever a vehicle rolls over onto it’s side or ends up on top of it’s roof. They could be the effect of a curve, a collision with another vehicle, extreme speed or mechanical defects on the automobile.

Exactly what will Miami Personal Injury Lawyer Sean M. Cleary do for you personally?

When you have been involved with a traffic incident in Miami, the main thing you should do is to get hold of our offices at the earliest opportunity. Our Miami Law Firms will investigate the circumstances of your accident. We will interact with incident reconstruction experts and other technicians to determine liability; we’ll interact with medical professionnals to determine the long-term affects to your health; we’ll prevent you from putting your signature on an early contract with insurance firms; we’ll negotiate the very best settlement for your accident or take your case to court if discussions fail.

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