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Miami Personal Injury Law Firm

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At Miami Personal Injury Law Firm of Ferrer Shane, we focus our firm’s strategies and knowledge on handling personal injury matters for clients who have been critically harmed in Miami injuries. Our lawyers are trial attorneys who represent people in a variety of personal injury claims.

The attorneys at Miami Personal Injury Law Firm of Ferrer Shane legally represent personal injury patients and their families in cases regarding an array of of incidents, from car accidents to health insurance abuse. Our personal injury specialties includes:

Car/Truck/Motocycle Accidents

Following a serious accident, you need to do this by speaking with a skilled lawyer with regards to your medical requirements plus the privileges you need for compensation. With Miami Personal Injury Law Firm of Ferrer Shane, we will help guide you through any kind of automobile incident, like a automobile crash triggered by an drunk driver or a driver that’s uninsured.

Property Liability

If mishaps occur on someone else’s property, it might be conceivable to document a claim to support the home owner on charges of carelessness that resulted in the incident.
We stand for the individuals of property liability incidents, from dog attacks and unintentional shootings to pub battles and nightclub accidents.

Consumer Goods Liability

Production companies along with product owners are responsible for the products safe use. The moment defective flaws are created in the structure, the production company of those products, and those business errors lead to serious accidents, it might be conceivable to pursue arrangement of payment for the accidental injuries that resulted, like the types that occurred with DePuy ASR hip alternative.

Medical Malpractice & Medical Home Neglect

When doctors and other medical staff members fail to give patient’s a sensible and health standard of care, the outcome can become serious and even life threatening for patients. At Miami Personal Injury Law Firm of Ferrer Shane, we’re able to represent victims of medical malpractice and medical center carelessness in Miami. We also represent the groups of medical home residents who’ve been abused or neglected by personnel and administrators.

Wrongful Loss of life & Serious Accidents

Our Miami Law Firms also provides representation to the family of individuals who have been severely injured or even killed in major Miami mishaps. We are able to, for example, document a wrongful loss of life law suit to help you receive the assistance that your loved ones will require for the a long term.

After a major accident, call Miami Personal Injury Law Firm of Ferrer Shane toll free in Miami at 888-609-5947 to make a scheduled appointment.

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