Miami Personal Injury Lawyer Sarah Steinbaum

Miami Personal Injury Lawyer

Miami Personal Injury Lawyer

Sarah Steinbaum

Miami Personal Injury Lawyer Sarah Steinbaum knows when you have been involved with an automobile incident, you might have a significant amount of legal issues to overcome.

Medical expenses
Repairs to your automobile

Discussions with the insurance provider

In case your injuries are extremely serious, you might have to miss work when you recover, putting further financial strain on you as well as your family in this trying time. Medical expenses can accumulate quickly. It’s important to utilize an experienced lawyer like Miami Personal Injury Lawyer Sarah Steinbaum who can legal assist you through this challenging process.

Experienced Injury Lawyer

Miami Personal Injury Lawyer Sarah Steinbaum can support you in finding skilled doctors who can medically patch you back up after your accident. Oftentimes, we may also get the doctors to consent to await payment until your case is resolved.

We will manage the insurance provider, making sure they don’t get the upper hand of you. We have termendius experience fighting insurance companies and we’ll devote all our skills to truly get you a settlement worthy of your pain and suffering. If you’re forced out of work due to your accident, our experienced personal injury attorneys may be able to keep your paychecks coming in while you recover.

Miami Personal Injury Lawyer Sarah Steinbaum, we understand the hardships your family might be facing during your recovery. We offer you sound legal assistance and thoughtful counsel to assist you while you move ahead in your daily life. Your task should be concentrating on dealing with your injuries. Allow us to retrive all the comoensation you are entitled to.

Representing All Forms of Personal Injuries

We offer low cost, highly experence legal representation for the following types of accidents:


Insurance firms earn profits when they pay out less in insurance claims while maximizing premimuin installment payments. More often than not, they will deny promise payments knowing you’ll give-up asking at some point. If you want help taking a stand to an insurance provider that has denied you payment on your coverage, we can help. We are able to get you the settlement you are entitled to.

Florida auto insurance laws can be very complicated. Most individuals believe that when you get “full auto coverage,” you are completely guarded from any accident that might occur. However, “full auto coverage” in Florida means you have the essential coverage required by Florida regulation, (PIP) meaning Personal Injury Protection coverage and (PD) meaning Property Damage.

Most auto insurance often contain individual coverages or options. Some options are for rental coverage when your car is in for repairs, there is no-fault Personal Injury Protection coverage, and uninsured drivers coverage.

Even though you purchased all the right coverage, it generally does not always assure payment will be made for an automobile accident. If your insurance provider refuses to make payment on damages included in your plan, Miami Personal Injury Lawyer Sarah Steinbaum can assist you.

Disability insurance policies are extremely confusing and the process can often be frustrating if you do not have sufficient representation.

Insurance firms have been known to developed irregular claims processing that denies most claims. For instance, insurance examiners will write or tape your statement and use every term and word you said in a phone interview, only to use it against you at a later date. That’s why an attorney like Miami Personal Injury Lawyer Sarah Steinbaum will assist you during your insurance examiners audit making sure your statement is benifical to you later on when it’s reviewed by the claims department who will authorize payments to you.

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