Miami DUI Attorney Jude M. Faccidomo

Miami DUI Attorney Jude M. Faccidomo

Miami DUI Attorney

Jude M. Faccidomo


Miami DUI Attorney Jude M. Faccidomo understands being arrested for driving while impaired of drugs or alcoholic beverages is an unhealthy legal situation. You might be facing fines, jail time, and even lack of your permit.

So you’ve just been arrested for DUI – what in the event you do? Never plead guilty without talking with a skilled Miami DUI Attorney who has dealt with hundreds of instances. Experience is paramount to your success.


Rigtht after an arrest for DUI, there are essential decisions to be produced through the DUI process. Hasty, uninformed decisions will impact your likelihood of getting the DUI dismissed, or attaining an acquittal at trial.

For instance, if you have been arrested your license was suspended. You have a restricted timeframe to truly have a hearing regarding the administrative suspension. Normally your traveling privileges will be suspended pending the results of your DUI case. The firm may take action for you at the hearing, and competition the suspension of your permit, as well as represent you in courtroom.

Defenses Strategies that Miami DUI Attorney Provides

There are numerous possible defense strategies that may be employed in driving under the influence case, that i, Jude M. Faccidomo, have used very effectively used for DUI protection. Here are only a few:

Roadside breath tests and field sobriety tests are notorious to be inaccurate, so I might be able to challenge the results.
Blood and urine samples taken by poorly trained personnel will often lead to contaminated samples and inaccurate test results. Challenging the bloodstream test could be a highly effective defense available for you.
Timing is another factor that must definitely be considered. In case your blood, urine or breathing screening was done a long time after arrest, your blood alcoholic beverages content (BAC) could really be greater than it was at time of arrest.
Medical ailments such as diabetes, high blood pressure and even heartburn can also lead to a .08 or more BAC.

Hiring A Miami DUI Attorney?

I could review all your options at a short meeting and help you of the strategy that might be employed to help you avoid conviction, whether it’s heading to trial or a plea discount. The majority of us need to operate a vehicle and if you drive commercially, this is a critical hurdle to conquer and that means you can continue steadily to earn a living. Your preliminary discussion is free which means you have nil to lose by arriving to us for advice. I want to deal with the strain and the complicated conditions that DUI increases, to be able to get your daily life back.

Our lawyer, Ratzan & Faccidomo provides individuals around Miami with the higher level of representation, guidance and service they need and deserve in an array of legal areas of practice. Being truly a Miami DUI Attorney, I am very well versed and extensively experienced in managing any DUI case.

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