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Miami DUI Attorneys Anderson-O’Sullivan

Miami DUI Attorneys Anderson-O’Sullivan Associates, Inc. has learned everyone makes errors, but if those errors include
driving while consuming alcoholic beverages or illicit drugs, there may be a pile of legal misery in your near future. Miami
DUI Attorneys Anderson-O’Sullivan and Associates, Inc. will help you navigate the complicated Florida legal system and undo
the harm triggered by poor judgment on the roadway. Under Florida Legislation, which impacts those living and driving in the
county of Miami, one is guilty of DUI or DWI if she or he operates a car while consuming alcoholic beverages or any other
substance which impairs his / her capability. Specifically, a driver’s blood-alcohol level must register 0.08 or even more
grams of alcoholic contents per 100 milliliters of blood (BAC level) or a breath-alcohol degree of 0.08 or even more grams
of alcoholic contents per 210 liters of breath (BrAC level).

What Penalties AM I GOING TO Face for DUI in Florida?

The penalty for DUI in Miami and throughout Southern Florida depends upon the amount of traffic offenses a person has on
record. Florida levies especially rigid penalties for DUI and DWI offenses. An initial 1st offense is a misdemeanor and can
lead to up to 6 months of jail time, up to 12 months of probation, an $500 fine, up to one year of driving suspension, 50
hours of community service or an hourly fine, required attendance at DUI Classes, and the impoundment of the automobile for
10 consecutive days. If this is your fist DUI charge and your BAC reading is more than 0.15%, you’ll be facing a 9 month jail
sentence with fines totaling one thousand dollars plus a Interlocking DUI devise installed in your car for a 6 month term. If
you are involved in an accident, you will face a 1 year jail sentence. If you think a first time DUI offense isn’t serious
in Florida, think again. It’s deadly serious. Allow Miami DUI Attorneys Anderson-O’Sullivan Associates, Inc. to help you
navigate the complicated legal system. Brook Anderson and Terrence O’Sullivan have decades of experience working with DUI
charges and the Miami courtroom system, and they will help you with your dui offense.

What if this isn’t my first DUI offense?

Florida regulation raises fines for each DUI conviction of an individual. Second time offenders can receive 0 months of jail
time with a 12 month probation, and a one thousand dollar fine, license suspension, impoundment of the automobile, required
DUI College classes, and installing a Interlocking DUI Device.
Traffic incidents or BAC readings of more than 0.15% can lead to the penalties listed above, extended amount of time in jail
and extended time with the Interlocking DUI Device. If a individual commits his / her 2nd offense within 5 years of their
1st offense, a requirement of 10 days of jail time is necessary.

Fines will continue to increased if one is guilty of yet a 3rd DUI offense. If the 3rd offense occurs within a decade of
your 2nd offense, the driver faces a 3rd degree felony charge. The felony charge can lead to a five year prison sentence,
five years of probation, a five thousand dollar fine, suspension of your license for a decade, impoundment of your
automobile for 3 months, attending a Level 2 DUI class, and 2 years with the Interlocking DUI Device on your car.

Your 4th DUI are going to be 3rd degree felony charges and according to when they happen, could also be a 2nd criminal
offense if the driver’s third criminal offense was within five years. For a 4th DUI criminal offense you face life-time loss
of your driving privileges.

Drivers may certainly face extended charges if a minor was inside the automobile during these offense.

You should never face DUI or DWI charge in Miami without counsel. The legal system is extremely complicated and motorists
facing a DUI has serious repercussions. Let Miami DUI Attorneys Anderson-O’Sullivan Associates, Inc. provide the best support
in Dade county for your DUI charges.


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