Miami Divorce Lawyers Rubin & Bickman

Miami Divorce Lawyers Rubin & Bickman

Miami Divorce Lawyers

Rubin & Bickman

Miami Divorce Lawyers at Rubin & Bickman has learned for most family members, divorces are complicated and
incredibly entails a great deal of sadness, anger, confusion and anxiety. Miami Divorce Lawyers at Rubin & Bickman, we work
to make the divorce process more manageable and less stressful by describing all relevant legal
issues and giving an answer to the customer’s that is person in each case. Our objective is to aid women
and mothers achieve the guardianship arrangements they want, emotional satisfaction, and the mandatory monetary
security to effectively rebuild and restart their everyday lives carrying out a divorce.

As many folks are not really acquainted with the legalities surrounding divorce proceedings, our attorneys can
help you create and perform a plan to effectively manage the difficulties that are included with ending a
married relationship. Likely to one income creates a hardship on both spouses as will dividing property
that was accumulated while married. Miami Divorce Lawyers at Rubin & Bickman will need the right time for
you to turn to your concerns and show you through every part of your position.

Managing Your Concerns and Going after Your Objectives

Every family legislation case is exclusive. Maybe both you as well as your partner cannot acknowledge anything,
or you maybe have already resolved the conditions of your divorce or separation and need to make it official. In either
case, you will need an lawyer that is attentive to your personal circumstances.

At REGULATIONS Offices of Rubin & Bickman, PLLC, our Miami Divorce Lawyers attorneys are focused on empowering
our clients to remove difficult issues effectively. We apply our experience and ingenuity to cope with
our customers’ attorneys issues with a distinctive and strategy that is fresh family law.

Individualized Advice and Advocacy Supported by Experience

Miami Divorce Lawyers at Rubin & Bickman is headed by lawyer Joshua Bickman, that has over ten years of
legal experience in Florida. Before getting into practice that is private Mr. Bickman offered as a prosecutor
in the Household Assault Unit for the Miami-Dade Office of the Condition Attorney.

We are an experence lawyer that litigates only once necassary aggressively, but we are delicate towards
the problems of clients who choose to keep family issues from getting adversarial.

Miami Divorce Lawyers at Rubin & Bickman recognize the deeply personal and character that is emotional of rules
issues. In the event that you maintain our company to symbolize you, your problems become our problems. Our
attorneys shall provide specific care and attention and focus on all of your court case until it is remedied.

Family Court Lawyers · Miami, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Miami Beach

Miami Divorce Lawyers at Rubin & Bickman provides your first visit free for family and divorce
law. Our company is available a day a 7 days per week day. To debate what we is capable of doing to help
you pursue an outcome that is positive your position, please call our priority collection at 305-409-3636.

Miami Divorce Lawyers at Rubin & Bickman will help you with all family laws instances, including divorce, child
custody, and household assault. Call Miami Divorce Lawyers at Rubin & Bickman for an appointment that is
completely free.

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