Miami Divorce Attorney Chantale Suttle

Miami Divorce Attorney Chantale Suttle

Miami Divorce Attorney Chantale Suttle


Miami Divorce Attorney Chantale Suttle tells us, Florida as a whole, is known as a no fault divorce state, and
therefore you can’t declare that your spouse’s wrongdoing was the reason of the divorce. In Florida it only takes
one spouse to irrevocably declare the marriage broken, and to state there was absolutely no chance of

To acquire a divorce in Florida one or more of the ongoing parents must live within the state of Florida for at
least half a year. The proceeding for the divorce can be set by Miami Divorce Attorney Chantale Suttle by filing a
petition in circuit court where in fact the petitioner resides. The court then gets the jurisdiction to hear the

In Florida, uncontested divorce simply states that both parties generally agree with important problems, such as
dividing real property along with custody of the children that are minor. Both parents then must sign a Marital
Settlement contract and visit court for a hearing that is quick complete the divorce proceedings. A divorce that
is“contested is more time eating and expensive because the parties usually do not agree on the main dilemmas, and
require court intervention.

A divorce are provided on the grounds that the marriage is irrevocably broken in other circumstances. Florida will
not recognize separation of marraige, but provides both support for the spouse and child support as well. A spouse
will be ordered by court, to keep the support that is financial for him or her partner and all minor children. The
court will determine visitation and custody rights of both parents. If the two spouses cannot come to an agreement,
Miami Divorce Attorney Chantale Suttle states the court might order mediation. Mediation is a discussion between
both parents managed by a completely independent party, who facilitates amicable talks and a resolution that is

Florida distributes assets equitable in most cases. The financial circumstances, or the desirability of
keeping the marital home as a residence for the reliant children, are simply a number of the factors that come into
play if you can find relevant facets such as the contribution to the marriage by each party member. Alimony may be
issued on a temporary basis such as for example rehabilitative reasons to give the ex-spouse time and energy to
find employment that is suitable. However, Miami Divorce Attorney Chantale Suttle informs us if the soon to be ex-
spouse is unable to work due to a disability, alimony could be permanent, various factors will come into play such
as age, standard of living during the marriage or the contribution each partner brought to the marriage. If the
spouse has worked and supported your family while the other has been going to school and has now become successful,
alimony shall be taken into account in all fairness.

Miami Divorce Attorney Chantale Suttle understands that divorce is not something anyone likes to go through. Once
you understand the divorce laws of Florida like Miami Divorce Attorney Chantale Suttle might help make the
transition go smoothly for everybody involved.

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